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Building Corporate Images


The Vision of "Keeping America Strong"
" Keeping America Strong," a national television show, was created to help the small, emerging company grow and expand in spite of the economic setback that followed the events of September 11th. In order to help a company build its sales, the superstar hero, William Shatner and famous network news anchors present that company's story on national television giving the company the ultimate credibility. But even more important than television for the company selected to be on "Keeping America Strong" are the edited down versions of the show. They are transferred to videos, CD's and websites and then targeted to all those who can buy that company's product or service. William Shatner performs on the "target" videos as well as on the TV show.
Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney (ret.) recently joined "Keeping America Strong" because of his belief that the program can help America move forward by helping worthy companies expand their businesses.



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