Meet The Team
William Shatner
He is best known and loved by his millions of fans world wide for his role as Captain Kirk in "Star Trek" which helped create a cultural phenomenon. He also hosted ABC's "Rescue 911" which won the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS for "favorite new dramatic series", starred in CBS's "T.J. HOOKER", HBO's "LAND OF THE FREE", "NATIONAL LAMPOON'S LOADED WEAPON ", "STAR TREK: GENERATIONS", and episodes of "Cosby" along with starring roles in numerous television shows and motion pictures.
Dana Adams

She was a reporter on the NBC network magazine show "Now" with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric. She later covered the O.J. Simpson trial for all NBC owned stations. Most recently she was an anchor for CBS-TV.


Bella Shaw

Bella is best known for her 9 years on CNN as a news anchor and host. She has also anchored for NBC.


Doug Llewelyn

His fans know him as the host and reporter for "The Peoples Court". He also has been the host and interviewer for a variety of award winning weekly TV news magazine programs.


Bert Tenzer

He's been in front of television cameras since the 1970's on networks such as ABC TV, CNN and "Entertainment Tonight." Most recently, Tenzer has been anchoring shows on national television and has been acclaimed by critics for important movies written, produced and directed for such majors as Warner Brothers.