Executive Producer

Bert Tenzer-Executive Producer

Tenzers "Heartbeat"....Turns sober stories into exciting news
Author Michael Crichten

Bert Tenzer's motion picture is 2,000 years ahead of it's time
New York Times

Tenzer is a film maker who has produced one of the finest, creative feature pictures I have ever s. Terry Thomas on the Johnny Carson Show

Pioneer, MALE JOAN OF ARC OR GENIUS? Producer Bert Tenzer could be one or all three!
Pasadena Union

Tenzer's Video Connection... one of the fastest growing enterprises in the country.
Inc Magazine

Each night they cheer Tenzer's film... any show that attracts 4,000 people to a midweek opening just has to be sensational.
Fox Theater, Atlanta Georgia

You are cordially invited to attend a gala world premier of a Warner Brother's motion picture written, produced and directed by film maker Bert Tenzer.
Warner Brothers

Tenzer's movie--a distillation of "La Dolce Vita", "Dr. Strangelove", "The Savage Eye"... Fascinating Techniques... Something to say... a Rorshach test. I urge you to take it.
Judith Crist, New York Magazine

Tenzer... "an original film maker, who very much represents the current and future trends in movie making".
Embassy Pictures

"Cin-A-Rock... A theatrical experience... the wave of the future.... A creation of one shrewd showman named Bert Tenzer!"
Chicago Today

The extensive growth of Tenzer's video empire created one of the country's leading franchise chains with production and wholesale subsidiaries.
Music Video Retailer

Tenzer's Video Connection Of America is expanding beyond its home video franchise operations
(250 retail franchises) into a subsidiary producing "interactive" videocassette programming.

Tenzer's new TV series for Llifetime Network ("Your Video Connection") will be hosted by Tenzer... a half hour program on the weekends with stars and celebrities.