The Value of Major Celebrities

For the first time in the history of corporate America small, emerging companies are being given the power of giant celebrities.
Since September 11th, 2001 Heartbeat of America's new TV series, "Keeping America Strong," has been telling the story of smaller companies using super idol William Shatner plus nationally famous news anchors and a navy admiral. Not only are these stories being aired on national TV, but even more importantly they are targeted directly to the featured company's sales prospects via videos, CD's and the internet.

The value of major celebrities is in the millions when it comes to promoting the image of a company


Tiger Woods - $58,000,000 in one year for corporate endorsements- L.A Times
Tom Hanks- Turned down $30,000,000 to be a spokesperson- L.A Times
William Shatner - $38,000,000 in stock and cash to make Priceline a household name